How To Handle A Bad Boss: 5 Brilliant Tips

11 April, 2023 | System admin

How To Handle A Bad Boss: 5 Brilliant Tips

How To Handle A Bad Boss: 5 Brilliant Tips


If we were to be asked, we would love to work in a perfect world. A supportive boss, who spurs us to greatness and wants to see us excel.

The reality is not this way though, we live in a world where the workplace is hard and our bosses are not necessarily the most supportive. Whether your boss is a micromanager or a person who is just condescending, it is important to note that you need to make the best out of your workplace, therefore you cannot give up. So, what is the solution?

This article will attempt to give you tips on how to fix that. Read on!

  1. Are they bad in the First Place?

The first step is to really look into the situation and decide if they are bad in the first place. Do you need to change something in your boss, how you interact with them or do you just have a different personality?

Sometimes we think that the problem is the other person whereas you are the one who needs to adjust.

Ask yourself a series of questions

  1. Am I doing my work well?
  2. Is my personality in conflict with my boss?
  3. Do I break the rules all the time?
  4. Are there things I evidently err in and can change?

After the above evaluation, and still, your answer is negative, then maybe we need to fix the boss after all.

  1. Identify the triggers

What makes your boss flip? Is it you coming late to work? Then maybe you should begin coming to work a bit earlier.  Does he hate it when you comment something in type is a way? The easiest way to deal with such a person is to avoid these triggers. You can do this by keeping conversations professional and avoid talking back to them or by avoiding conversations with them unless it’s very necessary.

  1. 3Do your work perfectly

I know there is nothing as a perfect person but for this case. You got to be proactive and make sure that you handle your job description to the letter.  You need not risk doing your job shabbily as this would cause more problems with your already problematic boss. Make sure that whatever tickles them is out of the way.


  1. Set boundaries

A famous saying goes, good fences make good neighbours. This is to say that if someone does not set boundaries you have to be the bigger person and set them. This means that if your boss is giving you a hard time, make sure you are clear on what is too far. Do not allow someone to mistreat you as much as you bare coping with them. It is always advisable to let them know when it too far. In some cases where there’s is an open forum or a chance to address these problems be sure to air them out. If you do not get an opportunity to air your concerns.

  1. Stop Assuming They Know

Sometimes you may think that people are mistreating you while in the real sense they are oblivious of the fact that they are hurting you. It is always good to take it upon yourself to make it clear that what they are doing is inconsistent with your liking.

This way you will reduce the chance that they’re hurting you without their knowledge.

In conclusion, let the main thing be the main thing in your workplace. Endeavor to do your work and complete all that pertains to your Job Description. If a relationship with a colleague or a boss is not working, it is better to concentrate on your work, and ignore the distractions. This way you will thrive.


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