The Truth About Job Searching after College

21 October, 2021 | System admin

The Truth About Job Searching after College

 We all were there! Trust me… well for most of us finding a job is not as easy as we are made to believe when we leave school but on the other hand, it is not as hard. So where is the balance? The Kenyan economy in the year 2021 is not at its best. Companies are laying off employees day in day out, and the reason they give is what? Economic crisis! However, each year universities and colleges churn out more than 5,000 university graduates. So where do all these young people go in the job market? Do all of them have a chance to be absorbed in this struggling economy? The answer is no! Not all of them are going to get a job and worse still not as fast. In college or campus, we are sometimes meant to believe that vacancies are waiting for us once we complete school. This gives students false hopes that cause frustrations when reality hits them after college. So what is the truth, therefore? And how can we be prepared? This article seeks to outline a preparation strategy for any college graduate, soon to be graduate and a recent graduate who needs to survive joblessness, so read on.

1.      You might not get a job instantly

In a world where most things are instant, finding a job is not that instant. Well, some are lucky and they land employment pretty fast. But for most people, it is a treacherous journey of searching. I hate to burst your bubble but the first thing to know to survive is that a job is not guaranteed after college, so take that in.

2.      It doesn’t matter where you school

There is a false belief that maybe because you graduated from a prestigious school then you will get a good job immediately. Once you graduate the cards reset themselves, you all get an equal chance of getting a job regardless of the school. Some companies may prefer people from certain schools but honestly, they wouldn’t care less for a person from a not good college but is good at their work. So do not ride on the glory of the school seek to be different by acquiring skills and building networks.

3.      You will be broke for a while probably

This is not predicting a bad future for you but it is the truth. Even the billionaires were once broke. In the words of John Daymond, the shark tank millionaire, and owner of FUBU, “ I have been more broke that I have been successful”. So the truth is chances are you will also be broke after college. All you need to do is accept that truth and prepare for it.

4.      Some of your friends will be doing better than you

Oh! Be prepared for this, some people are either too lucky or they just happen to be on a good life trajectory. After college expect this reality, that some classmates will get a job immediately and make you feel like you are wasting your life away in joblessness.   A great tip to have is to know that each person is on his or her own journey and to stop comparing yourself to people. Run your own journey, you might not have a job immediately after college but you can be doing other things like volunteering or acquiring skills that make you suitable for great job opportunities.

5.      Not all of you will get jobs

As said earlier in this article, there is far too much supply of workers than there is work, especially in Kenya. White collar jobs are not for everyone. What this means is that you may need to consider other blue collar opportunities and probably get into entrepreneurship. Starting a business is not a reserve of the few who failed or who come from business families, it a perfectly good option for someone instead of sitting and waiting for a job.

6.      Your salary may not be that great

Some are lucky while others are not. No, your starting salary may not be Ksh 100,000 (approx $900) far be it from the truth. Prepare your mind to start with an entry-level salary, regardless of the industry you are in. Expectations cause frustrations, be sure to get realistic ones. Be ready to build your career step by step. As you get more experience on the job ladder your salary will increase but not instantly on your first job. Finally, it’s not all gloom out there, the reality is that life may hit you hard but you can survive. There are survival tips that are proven to work, look out for our next article to highlight this.

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