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KaziQuest Job Postings are powered by Google Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, so qualified job seekers can find your job posting faster, more easily than ever.

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Whether you are looking to fill a new vacancy or replace an employee in your organisation we can help you get the right staff for your business to succeed. Our solution will effortlessly streamline the entire recruiting process.
You simply create an account and set up your job details including adding job-specific screener questions.
Review applications, manage candidates and schedule interviews from your KaziQuest account.

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Applicant Tracking

Track the progress and stats of your applicants in real-time.

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Explore career pages.

Candidate Tracking

Track potential candidates for the position advertised.

Application Alerts

Get timely alerts when your posting is applied for.

Résumé Search Access

Search and filter résumés of ideal candidates for your position.

Company Logo & Branding

Personalise your postings with your company's own branding and logo.

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