KaziQuest Affiliate Program

What if we gave you KSh 10,000 for every client you referred to us?

This is not one of those rhetorical questions, it is a reality here at KaziQuest Recruiting Software & Applicant Tracking System. If you refer clients to us, you can earn as high as KSh 10,000 per client.

KaziQuest Recruiting Software & Applicant Tracking System has one of the most generous affiliate program. We give you an extremely generous commission for every client you refer to us. When you sign up as an affiliate below, you will get a unique link. Share that link with people. When they visit our site using that link, a cookie is stored in their browser and when they make an order and payment is confirmed, immediately the commission is credited to your affiliate account. Click here to sign up.

Whether your client orders a lower package (Starter Package) or a more advanced package (Pro Package) the potential to earn a large commission never dwindles. Below is a table highlighting how much you will make per order:

Starter Recruiting PackageKES 19,999/yrKES 10,000
Standard Recruiting PackageKES 59,988/yrKES 30,000
Growth Recruiting PackageKES 77,998/yrKES 39,000
Pro Recruiting PackageKES 119,988/yrKES 60,000
Premium Recruiting PackageKES Any Amount/yr50% Commission

Potential Earnings

With KaziQuest, you could be looking at a monthly income exceeding KSh 50,000! Your earnings are directly proportional to your efforts and the number of referrals you successfully convert.

Earn Big Commissions

KaziQuest affiliate program, ultimate way to increase passive income for Content Creators, Influencers or Affiliates. Earn big commissions using your website, blog or social media.

- 60K
Commission Per Client
Possible Monthly Income
Payments Waiting Period

Frequently Asked Questions(F.A.Qs)

  • 1. What are my earning limits?

    The sky's the limit! Your earnings depend on your dedication and effort.

  • 2. Is KSh 50,000 a month achievable?

    Absolutely! Target at least one Growth Recruiting Package referral per week, and you're set.

  • 3. Can I refer myself?

    No, self-referrals are not permitted. Spread the word to others instead.

  • 4. What if my referral doesn't use my link?

    Contact us within 3 days, and we’ll assist you.

  • 5. How long until I receive my commission?

    There's a 30-day maturity period for commission, as part of our security measures.

  • 6. I already have clients I want to refer what do I do?

    Register for an affiliate account and get a unique link. Share it with them and when they sign up, the commission will appear in your portal immediately.

Attention HR Professionals and Recruiters! Ready to earn up to KSh 5,000 for every client you refer to a top-tier ATS and HRIS? KaziQuest Affiliate Program EARN BIG Commissions

KaziQuest Affiliate Program: Unlock Your Earning Potential

Income Opportunity
Looking for a way to earn extra money? Join the KaziQuest affiliate program and promote the best recruiting software on the market. Look no further. Join the KaziQuest Affiliate Program and be a part of our success story while earning substantial commissions.
KaziQuest Recruiting Software Dashboard with Features of a good ATS - Manage Your Hiring Process with Ease in Africa
KaziQuest Recruiting Software Product KaziQuest Career Sites

Why Join the KaziQuest Affiliate Program?

Foster Inclusivity

At KaziQuest, we believe in sharing our success with those who help us grow. By becoming a part of our Affiliate Program, you can:

  1. Earn upto 50% Commissions: Promote KaziQuest Recruiting Software and earn competitive commissions for every successful referral.

  2. Income Opportunity: Tap into the growing market of recruiting software and expand your revenue streams.

  3. Easy Promotion: Access a range of marketing materials and resources to promote KaziQuest effectively.

  4. Affiliate Rewards: Enjoy special rewards, incentives, and bonuses as you achieve your affiliate goals.

  5. Dedicated Support: Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, providing guidance and support

KaziQuest Recruiting Software Product KaziQuest Career Sites

How It Works: KaziQuest Affiliate Program

✅ Step 1: Sign Up
Register for the KaziQuest Affiliate Program. Sign Up Here

✅ Step 2: Access Marketing Materials
Find banners, content, and tracking links in your personalized affiliate dashboard

✅ Step 3: Promote KaziQuest
Share our recruiting software with your audience using the provided materials.

✅ Step 4: Attract Referrals
Encourage your audience to explore KaziQuest and refer them with your unique tracking links.

✅ Step 5: Earn Commissions and Get Paid
For every successful referral, earn competitive commissions.
Enjoy hassle-free commission payouts, including the option to receive your earnings via MPesa for added convenience.

Join us today, and start your journey to earn commissions while promoting our innovative recruiting software. Your potential for earning is limitless, and our team is here to support you every step of the way, including flexible payment options like MPesa. Unlock your earning potential now.

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