Collaborative Hiring

Automate, hasten and simplify the recruitment process for your business.


How it Works.

In most organizations, storing analyzing, and gathering data is a big role put on the HR professionals. They are left to manage all employee information as accurately and quickly as needed. This can be a very daunting task. The amount of effort to collect and analyze people’s data using a spreadsheet is huge. It poses even more risk of using data this way. At Kazi Quest, all your employee data is managed from a single database that is secure, simple, and powerful to use. You have reporting, analyzing, and even editing capabilities all from a click of a button.
This way, managing the workforce becomes easier, faster, and exceptional.


Do you want to save time?

How much more would you achieve if all your human resource documents were organized in one place? And how much more free would you be if KaziQuest did this organizing for you?
This is the liberty we are bringing to you. We let you focus on managing your team, which is the most valuable asset you have as we help organize all the information you need for your personnel hiring, onboarding, or even appraisals processes.

We create liberty in your day

Look at it this way, how much time do you spend creating job advertisements, sieving through hundreds of applications hand by hand, shortlisting, and finally interviewing? Instead of doing all this hard work, Kazi Quest has come to the rescue of employers, we provide a platform whereby jobseekers can place applications through us and we help you get the candidate right for the vacancy. So your work is just meeting the already shortlisted candidates! How is that?

Easy to Use.

We understand that your reputation may be on the line for introducing a new thing in the organization, but the way our services are set, everyone will immediately grasp the idea, be able to use it, and thank you for introducing it.
It is easy to use our services, and even easier to navigate our website, we make sure that you can find whatever you want easily without having second assistance. Should you need to be assisted however our team is available to help.

We provide value.

You know value is not just about being affordable, it's also knowing what needs your organization has and finding ways to solve them. It’s making the organization processes and structures easy to use for the creation of better workplace culture.